KSI Road Solutions
Our company offers heavy duty tools and spare parts for construction/road machines.
Years of experience
Our experience allow us to provide professional technical support and advice on the selection of appropriate tools and parts.
High quality products
Close cooperation with renowned producers guarantees the highest quality of our products.
Satisfaction of our customers
We are able to offer tailor made products that meet your specific needs.

Technical consulting

The best balance between highest quality and price

Years of experience

Track pads

High quality rubber and polyurethane track pads in different sizes for milling machines and road pavers.

Electronic components

We offer a wide range of electronic components for milling machines, soil stabilizers and road pavers.

Conveyor belt rollers and guide rollers

Support rollers, rubber garlands and guide rollers of conveyor belts for asphalt milling machinesMore >

Conveyor chains

Conveyor chains are made of high quality abrasion resistant steel.More >

Track rollers

Track rollers with a durable body with appropriate lubrication.More >

Screed service kits

Screed plates of road pavers with tampers and heating rods.More >

Rubber buffers for road rollers

Rubber dampers for vibrating and static road rollersMore >

Picks for soil stabilization

Wide range of picks for recyclersMore >

Technical consulting & advice

Our aim is the satisfaction of our customers as a result of the supply of good quality products and professional technical support.