Screed plates

Płyty denne
Screed paltes are extremely important for machines, which are pavers for asphalt mass – their quality depends the effect of the work of the paver.

Material: hardwearing sheet HARDROX 400 from Sweden or DILLIDUR 400 from Germany – the life of this imported steel is 4-5 times longer than plates made of average materials.

Production process: we use the so-called plasma cutting under water to preserve the physical properties of the material and the precision of cutting on the edges of the plate.

Advantages: the best quality material from Germany and Sweden, from which the smoothing plate is made, provides the highest resistance to abrasion. Our products are compatible with the majority of popular paver brands such as VOGELE, DYNAPAC, TITAN, ABG. We offer screed plates for the following types of tables:
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